Great Success  

Day 1 Start therapy. Restless as usual but calmer as night wore on
Day 3 I slept better
Day 10 Went to very hot gig. Face pink but definitely not red
Day 12 I start training again. Still only pink but not a very energetic session
Day 14 Bright pink due to a lot of running but flushing quickly recedes
Day 15 Red after a lot of exertion but quickly back to normal colouring (barely pink and no longer red oblong patch over forehead as has been for years after effort)
Day 17 Slightly pink after training but this doesn’t last
Day 19 Normal pallor after training
Day 21 Normal pallor
Day 22 Only slightly pink after heavy session

After then - carries on much the same - some redness after sessions in cold wind, but soon goes.

There has never been any correlation between the consumption of alcohol and my Rosacea.

There has always been a very high correlation between exertion be it exercise, energetic dancing, or just a hot environment and heavy red flushing.

Overall, a great improvement. The flushing has been greatly reduced and I am sleeping much better i.e. not so restless and hardly any snoring!

So - a great success - thank you!!

I. M. London   
Rosacea Sufferer  

This client was diagnosed with Rosacea by his GP. He also had some other health concerns and required more extensive therapy than the average person with Rosacea. He has made many comments along the way (still has around 7 days to go until he finishes his therapy).

So eager to get going words can't describe it. . . !

The therapy has transformed my visit to the loo, no longer sitting there twidderling my thumbs waiting for Christmas! the difference is Great! I feel normal in every sense of the word.

Not so blotchy anymore hardly any flushing or reactions especially in shower, exercise, heated rooms. Could this be the start of being mended?

DAY 27 looking good, hooked on sardines at mo. Once again Lisa, you have been more than supporting

My face is having more good days than bad at mo
Super brekkie going down a treat thank you for recipe

I feel a winning vibe coming over me in the last few days. Been suffering far too long (20 yrs) what a waste! This means so much to me Lisa I can't find the words to convey the emotion behind it, this is typical no emoticon for emotional lol

M. A Woodford   
Half Way Through  

Phase 1 went fine. I feel better in myself and the constipation problems have disappeared. With regards to the rosacea, there has certainly been an improvement already and I have only just begun phase two!

L. H. London   
I Feel Great  

I've finished my 37 day Nutritional Therapy programme and just wanted to let you know how I got on:

I feel great, I've loved getting into this eating programme. I've always dabbled with this but haven't had a real incentive to keep it up but I've been juicing, sprouting, . . . . I've cut out dairy, and not missed it. I've only drunk and deviated food-wise on a few occasions. I'm definitely going to keep it up, albeit with a few more 'treat' meals and a few more glasses of wine!

I have more energy when I wake, no thrush, no IBS, no sinus issues or post nasal drip. Bowel movements very regular and satisfactory, no ulcer-type symptoms. My skin and hair feels incredibly soft and my hairdresser couldn't believe what good condition my hair was in.
Thank You!

B.A. Sussex   
I'm light. No Reflux! Wonderful!  

Many thanks indeed for the detailed nutritional analysis you created for me. I've taken on board your main suggestions and try and incorporate them into my daily life. Did it work? Well, I'm no longer suffering from constant reflux and I'm slowly losing weight ...........so that answers the question!

I appreciated the time taken by you to get to the bottom of my problems - and your excellent back up. It was easy talking to you as I felt you really empathized with people - even, when I flung excuse after excuse at you for my somewhat lax diet, I never felt you were judgmental.

You made me realize that I could do - can do and WILL lose weight in a safe and consistent manner if I follow the correct nutritional needs for my body..............am currently 3kg lighter - and, as I said before: no reflux! Wonderful!

DR Malta   
Confidence Regained  

It's all down to you, thank you for supporting me. If it wasn't for you I don't think I would have been confident enough to go through it all.

The supplement schedule has really given me a boost and bought the smile back on my face and also finding out that things have improved within I was really losing hope, but you have helped me gain back my confidence. Thank you soooo much!!

I also have some good news, I went to see the eye doctor today and he has cleared me of Blepharitis, I am no longer suffering and there are no more flakes, I've been taken off the patient list. :))

A.M. Worcestershire   
I felt empowered  

I had been suffering various problems with my digestive system for some time. The thing is, they would go away for a few days or more at a time, and I'd think “Oh well, it's gone now”.

One night I woke up at 3 a.m. in agony, I realized that these on-off symptoms had been going on for some time, and now I was worried that I had waited too long to ever get better (you know how it feels when you're in such pain in the middle of the night!). I can laugh about it now, but I'll never forget the terror I felt in those early hours.

This led me to seek the advice of a Nutritional Therapist, and I was recommended Lisa by a friend. She was absolutely great! Lisa seemed to really understand my panic, but she managed to calm me down in just a couple of emails. I felt empowered with 'something to do about it' and a real plan to move forward.

I had some tests that Lisa recommended, and while we waited for the results I made quite a few changes in my diet, as Lisa had recommended, and I started to feel a little better. I had less stomach problems and was rather enjoying my new foods!
The test results revealed the problem! Lisa knew exactly what natural treatment I needed!

I cannot believe that such a simple treatment regime, for just 30-days, could change my whole well-being – incredible. I started to feel better just 5 days into the therapy and I haven't looked back since. I will be forever grateful Lisa for your kind words and gentle encouragement – you got me there in the end!

L.P. Docklands   
Another Rosacea Story  

The flushing after exercise has definitely improved!

Just over halfway through the therapy, I saw my therapist for an IPL treatment, and she commented immediately on how much paler my face looked!!

After Therapy: Overall a great improvement, Only slightly pink after an intense exercise, but nowhere near the bright cherry red I used to be; it quickly returns to normal, just like anyone else, I guess. Great success Thank You!

A.B. Somerset   
I have so much energy  

Just wanted to add I have had so much energy that I have managed to clear a seriously overgrown garden and clear it all away. I worked solidly for a few days to achieve the end product – something I could never have done before! Thank You

M.W. Birmingham   
My weight was totally out of control  

After being on steroids for a couple of years. My weight was totally out of control. I was feeling very bloated all of the time. However my dear friend Jean pointed me in the right direction. She told me it might help to have a consultation with Lisa a qualified nutritionist and maybe a change of diet might help me.

I had the assessment and the nutrition program to give me ideas on what is best to eat and drink for me. Also three different supplements to take breakfast/lunch. I've followed the advice given for a month now and am starting my second month of supplements.

I feel better all-round. I've lost the bloated feeling and notice my weight problem around my waist is improving. I now intend to see this through to the end. I see how good I feel after a month and imagine feeling much better than this after three months.

I am confidant this program is a great help to me. The sure way to find out is do what I did - try it. I'm very happy to continue with my new found way of eating and drinking...Many thanks,

M.W. Birmingham   
Face is pale, calm and no more red  

Tomorrow is my last day of therapy. I can see a difference in my face. My face is more pale, calm, no more red like it used to be. Sometimes pink, but it takes less time to go back to normal.

When I go from hot to cold rooms I still feel little burning and my face becomes a little pink (not red like before).

The therapy helped me a lot.

I did not have for more than one month any headaches and I did not take any painkillers!
Thank you Lisa You helped me a lot. (sorry for my English)

IC London   
Yellow spots across my nose  

Some years ago I experienced an eruption of yellow spots across my nose. I tried various methods to 'cure' the problem to no avail. I decided to consult a Nutritionist and was recommended Lisa Borg by a close friend who had been helped by her. I have been a client of Lisa's ever since!

I found her investigation both professional and thorough. I decided it would be beneficial to take up the offer of the email support subscription of £20 per month as I was new to the idea of food as a medicine, and wanted to gain all the benefits possible. I was able to contact Lisa as and when I needed to, and she always explained in terms that were easy for me to understand.

The eruptions stopped and my skin was clear again.

I consulted Lisa once again, 2 years later due to a digestive disorder. Once again this was dealt with professionally and thoroughly. I am very pleased with the outcome of both my treatments.

I cannot praise her work enough; Lisa uses her professional skills to treat people as individuals, taking time and care to resolve their particular health concerns, and educate them along the way!

J.P. Essex   
Lisa Is Inspirational  

Lisa is an inspirational person, from the moment she became my Nutritional Therapist she has been caring and compassionate, taking the time to really understand the underlining cause of my problems and fixing them rather than just treating the symptoms.

We have always worked as a team to solve the problems I have faced and rather than just giving me a programme to get on with on my own she helps me every step of the way. If I have reactions to a treatment that I do not understand or am unsure if I am doing the right thing she will be there to reassure me,

I think that is what makes Lisa is a very unique therapist, she is always there for me. Lisa never gives up on curing the problem and never gives up on me. Thank you for being such an inspiration and reinforcing my belief in curing my problems naturally.

Thanks for this, brilliant!  

This client has suffered with Acne Rosacea for some 20+ years, during the course of her therapy she made several comments such as:

Day 12 “I hadn't noticed any difference until day 12 when I woke up, and there suddenly seemed to be a big change. Is this possible?!! It's still not great but if I had to see someone without makeup on it wouldn't be as big a deal as before, so in that sense there's definite improvement.. . . . there does seem to be a big difference in the redness except for one patch which has always been the worst.”

Day 20 “I saw my IPL Therapist yesterday who said to tell you there was a major improvement with my spots - The rosacea is really beginning to clear up too.”

Two days after therapy finished: “my face is definitely better apart from one tiny patch which suddenly appeared and is rather red. I have a feeling it may be because very unusually for me I drank twice last week/weekend, and both nights I didn't take off my makeup which seems to aggravate my skin.”

Two weeks after the therapy finished: “Thanks for this, brilliant as ever.”

N.M. London   
Inflamatory condition  

I was recommended Nutritional Essence as I have an inflammatory condition, and was concerned about the amount of prescribed medication that I had been taking over a long period of time.

I did the therapy for one month and within days I noticed an improvement in my symptoms, I also felt more energised and well in myself.

I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

L.B. Hornchurch