ALERT PLEASE SEE Lisa’s Blog for updates on availability of one-to-one appointments in London.

The Nutritional Essence Team currently works with E-Consultations. This has proven the most productive of methods for several reasons. Clients do not have to travel or take time off from work to attend appointments. If a client forgets to mention something important during the consultation, a short email is sufficient to tell us about it. We can spend more of our available working hours on our clients and on current research. We have found that we are able to help more people by establishing a communication line via the internet, and have developed a unique technique using this media.

We work closely with other Rosacea experts at The Pulse Light Clinic 150-152 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 6BQ. We meet several times per year, and we occasionally see clients in the clinic too. These dates will be announced on this website 1-2 weeks prior to our visit, in order that you can book an appointment if that is preferable to you.

While it is advantageous to see a person face-to-face for Nutrition Consultations,  one is most likely to experience maximal benefits from a Therapist who specialises in the condition you have.

We are very experienced in the conditions of Rosacea and Digestive Health and believe ourselves to offer a unique methodology of address to these.

E-Consultations – How Are They Done?

We first need to establish our lines of communication. You can simply fill in the questionnaire which provides us with your contact details and covers the necessary information required to establish how we can help you. We will contact you within 48 hours providing data on how Nutritional intervention can assist your current problems.

You can use the ‘YOUR ASSESSMENT’ button on the home page or click here to access the questionnaire directly coming soon.

Skype Communications

Once you become a client you will be given several methods of contact, including Skype calling.


You can register as a user and receive our free monthly newsletter on the conditions of Rosacea & Digestive Health.

Client Status

When you become a paying client you will be given the status of ‘Client User’. This entitles you to access an exclusive area of the website for the duration of your current subscription. This privilege offers additional advice and special discounts, new research data on the conditions of Rosacea & Digestion, Recipe/Meal Analysis (is it a balanced meal? what nutritional value does it offer? any difference in nutrient value if cooked or eaten raw?), Tips on general health and links of related interest.