My name is Lisa Borg and I work at the Pulse Light Clinic in London’s Fenchurch Street. I see clients there who wish to address various health concerns, and I also work via E-Consultations for those not able to make it into London.

In addition to this, I work with the Pulse Light Clinic IPL practitioners, in a unique combination approach to the condition of Rosacea. There is no other clinic that offers this level of address to the condition. If you suffer from Rosacea, watch the video on the home page (above this) and view the Rosacea Treatments page on the Pulse Light Clinic website to get a broader idea about what we do. Their page is here: http://www.pulselightclinic.co.uk/rosacea-treatment

As a Nutritional Therapist I know that a change in one’s health or the development of a symptom is the body’s communication that ‘something is missing’ or ‘something is poisoning me’. It could be either that ‘something’ is not being supplied by the diet, or that the person is not able to digest efficiently those foods they are eating, or that the diet contains lots of nutrient-robbing foods or that absorption is not happening as it should. This is why we assess and analyze each individual and develop an individualized programme.

Our ultimate aim is to help the person understand which foods are robbing them of nutrients or causing harm and which foods would make better choices. Dietary change is often necessary for long-term health and these habits take time to alter.

We prescribe specific supplements where appropriate to address deficiencies or where there is an increased need of a nutrient until the symptoms associated with those nutrients are eliminated. As an analogy, one may need to use a plaster to protect a cut while healing takes place, but one would most certainly remove that plaster once healing had occurred!

Supplementation of a more ‘maintenance’ kind is suggested once a return to health has been achieved (FAQ: Are Supplements Necessary?)

Experience and Expertise In Rosacea & Digestion

We have many years of experience in the conditions of Rosacea and Digestive Health. We acknowledge that each of us is an individual, even down to our biochemistry, and this is why it is so important that each individual has an individualized programme.

The use of nutritional manipulation, including identifying and avoiding one’s personal ‘trigger’ foods, and replacing them with other foods that provide the nutrients being avoided, and by eating foods close to nature, Rosacea sufferers can reduce/eliminate flushing episodes, and strengthen capillaries to protect against their breakage if flushing does occur.

We commonly find that address to underlying digestive problems are essential to successful management of the condition as these are often found to be involved in the development of and exacerbation of Rosacea. In all of our years of experience we have yet to discover a Rosacea sufferer who does not have digestive problems of one kind or another.

* other compounds: such as plant sterols, and other phyto (plant) nutrients, not all of which have been identified and labelled!