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lisa2_0At Nutritional Essence we recognize that each person is an individual, even down to their biochemistry. This is a very important factor in developing the appropriate programme to gain maximum beneficial outcomes, and demonstrates the importance of an individualised programme.

At Nutritional Essence we aim to help our clients with their immediate health difficulties using our tried and tested methods of approach. This involves a questionnaire or it may take several short questionnaires before it becomes apparent what is happening with the body. This helps us to build a full picture of the individual and their health concerns.

Some individuals may require functional tests to confirm/rule out suspected underlying conditions, but not in all cases. Again, we are all individuals and while some can afford to pay for functional tests, and want scientific evidence, there may be others who have a limited budget or may already have had functional test results.

By analysis of the information provided in questionnaires, and functional test results, we are able to build a picture of the whole individual and assess which bodily system is most likely underlying the majority of symptoms present. We supply dietary guidance, information on the condition they have, and prescribe specific supplements to target this bodily system. Follow-up consultations are optional, but absolutely necessary where some symptoms remain unaltered.

A follow-up consultation involves a review of all original symptoms, current diet, and supplement programme  to assess the overall response to treatment, and development of additional/replacement diet and supplement recommendations. It is often found that where symptoms persist the client was unable to fully implement their programme or an additional bodily system needs address.

In our experience, those clients who gave the programme their full commitment, and who were determined to change their health for the better, for life, were those who had the greatest success.

One cannot take responsibility for anything unless one has the data regarding that thing. Gaining knowledge on a subject will increase the person’s ability to control that thing, and so it is with diet and lifestyle. We therefore aim to ‘educate’ clients in order that they can take control of their own health and well-being.

By gaining an understanding of how diet and lifestyle factors contribute to health and well-being, and how dietary manipulation and the correct use of supplements can make a significant difference to their life as a whole, our clients have gained a valuable tool, and then we can consider our job has been well done.

Nutrition is of the utmost importance for a healthy body, and correct nutrition can assist in the treatment of various disorders, as well as promoting good health for life for those who are fortunate to be currently in a healthy condition but have an extensive family history of ill health, and want to prevent those in their own bodies. We have enormous expertise in the field of Nutrition.

Our main areas of interest, and therefore our most extensive experience is in the conditions of Rosacea and Digestive Health.

From one Rosacea sufferer to the next there are wide margins of differences; these appear to be in

  1. underlying root causes
  2. triggers for a flushing episode
  3. how the condition affects their lives and confidence levels, and
  4. how quickly they respond to treatment.

This makes Rosacea an extremely interesting and challenging subject for us in our work. We believe our address to Rosacea to be unique because we have learned much from our ongoing work in this field. We have developed a novel therapy combining dietary manipulation, specific herbal treatments, and supplementary measures with some very remarkable results.

Digestive Health is our other main subject of interest, and we believe everybody on the planet has the potential to benefit, and any condition can be improved/eliminated by addressing this one area of health. Digestive disturbances are often the first warning signs one experiences before the onset of disease/ill health. Prevention is always better than cure, and that is why we are very happy to help individuals who are experiencing changes in their digestive habits.

We also have clients who do not have Rosacea or Digestive problems, and we are happy to work with these individuals too. Other conditions we have experience with are: Blood Sugar Imbalance, Weight Loss/Gain, Skin Problems: Acne and Pigmentation Problems such as Melasma and Vitiligo; Arthritis, Under-Active Thyroid, Infertility, Depression, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Stress, and Sports Nutrition.

Thank you for taking the time to read About Us, we hope we can help you in future!

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Very Best Wishes & Good Health
The Nutritional Essence Team